Power Optimization in Wireless Communication Systems

  • Mobile wireless communication is undoubtedly one of the main drivers of industrial development and economic growth in modern societies. Its ability to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and deliver the successful value proposition to end-users has made it an essential part of human lives. Regardless of the technology used, any system would like to achieve optimal interference management or maximize its efficiency. And interestingly, the underlying element that characterizes such parameters is the transmission power. From a network efficiency viewpoint or the quality services provided to the users, the transmission power plays an important role in achieving the optimality in either of the cases. With an objective to address the power optimization in wireless systems, in this thesis, different types of network architectures are considered, with an objective to improve the spectrum and energy efficiency. In particular, starting with the conventional multi-antenna system, this thesis addresses the long-standing problem of dependency on channel state information in network optimization. In doing so, a simple solution to introducing robustness in imperfect channel estimates based on classical transmit power minimization metric is considered. Furthermore, the energy efficiency issue in a hybrid network topology with the macro base station co-existing with small cell networks is also investigated. We show the key idea in achieving energy efficient network with a higher level of granularity is the strategical selection of base stations. With an insight into the millimeter wave systems, a lucrative solution in estimating channel parameters compared to the state-of-the-art is provided, thus reducing the energy cost at the transmitter and/or receiver. In addition, transmit power optimization in millimeter wave systems is also considered thereby revisiting the key transmission strategies with a low complexity analog and digital beamforming/precoding design.

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Publishing Institution:IRC-Library, Information Resource Center der Jacobs University Bremen
Granting Institution:Jacobs Univ.
Author:Samip Malla
Referee:Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu, Mathias Bode, Emilio Calvanese Strinati
Advisor:Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu
Persistent Identifier (URN):urn:nbn:de:gbv:579-opus-1007192
Document Type:PhD Thesis
Date of Successful Oral Defense:2017/05/03
Date of First Publication:2017/06/30
Academic Department:Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
PhD Degree:Electrical Engineering
Focus Area:Mobility
Call No:Thesis 2017/10

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