Gender Differences in Career Success and Satisfaction - Investigations among German Managers and Employees of a German Car Manufacturer

  • Managerial positions in Germany are still dominated by men, and even in comparable jobs, women earn less money than men. Striving for a gender balance in these positions and aligning women’s and men’s salaries is the goal of many people. But women not only experience less objective career success than men; they also experience less subjective success once they reached a managerial level. Previous studies have shown that women with managerial careers in Germany are significantly less satisfied with their jobs and lives than their male counterparts. As career decisions are based on satisfaction-seeking strategies, it is fundamental to find the reasons for gender differences in satisfaction in order to reach an equal distribution of women and men in management positions. Therefore, the present dissertation investigates the reasons why managerial women may be less satisfied than managerial men, and why women may have less objective career success than men. The empirical endeavor is a set of studies on samples from Germany. Based on data of a representative German panel (the Socio-Economic Panel, SOEP), the first study explores how money, spare time, preferences, and biological differences may influence the life satisfaction of female and male managers. Using the same database, a second study examines how personality traits and job characteristics may explain gender differences in managers’ job satisfaction. Finally, a third study investigates if and to what extent human capital, the organizational culture, and gender discrimination may explain differences in the salary group development of male and female employees of a German car manufacturer by the analysis of personnel data and qualitative interviews.

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Author:Anne-Maren Koch
Referee:Adele Diederich, Christofer Edling
Advisor:Hilke Brockmann
Persistent Identifier (URN):urn:nbn:de:gbv:579-opus-1008928
Document Type:PhD Thesis
Date of Successful Oral Defense:2018/10/15
Date of First Publication:2019/10/11
Academic Department:Social Sciences & Humanities
PhD Degree:Psychology
Focus Area:Diversity
Other Countries Involved:Sweden
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