Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Polyoxopalladates

  • Diphosphonic acids have attracted much interest in the last 50 years due to their potential use in the treatment of degenerative bone-loss disease, cancer, malaria, and other medicinal applications. In a similar sense, some discrete, stable polyxometalates (POMs) have also shown interesting anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, indicating their potential as biologically active inorganic compounds. Thus, we decided to combine both areas by incorporating fluorinated and non-fluorinated diphosphonates into POMs, possibly leading to synergistic effects and hence enhanced therapeutic properties. This dissertation is subdivided into five chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction to the research area. In Chapter 2 the non-fluorinated, mixed-valence heteropolymolybdate(V/VI) [(MoVIO3)2(MoV2O4)2{O3P-C(OH)(CH3)-PO3}2{HO3P-C(OH)(CH3)-PO3}2]10- (1) and the fluorinated, mixed-valence heteropolymolybdate(V/VI) [(MoVI2O5)2(MoV2O4)2{O3P-C(O)(CF3)-PO3}4(CH3COO)2]14- (2) as well as the fluorinated heteropolymolybdate(V) [{MoV2O4(H2O)}4{O3P-C(O)(CF3)-PO3}4]12- (3) were prepared. Chapter 3 describes the heteropolymolybdates(V) [(MoV2O4)10{H2C=C(PO3)2}10(CH3COO)8(H2O)4]28- (4) and [(MoV2O4)10{H2C=C(PO3)2}10(HCOO)10]30- (5). Chapter 4 describes reaction of pyridine-based-diphosphonates, resulting in mixed-valence heteropolymolybdate(V/VI) [{MoVIO3}2{MoV2O4}{HO3P-C(O)(CH2-3-C5NH4)-PO3}2]6- (6) and the heteropolymolybdate(V) [{MoV2O4(H2O)}4{O3P-C(O)(CH2-3-C5NH4)-PO3}4]12- (7). The mixed-valence heteropolymolybdates(V/VI) [{MoVI2O6}2{MoV2O4}{O3P-C(O)(CH2-3-C5NH4)-PO3}2]8- (8) and [{MoVI2O6}2{MoV2O4}{O3P-C(O)(CH2-4-C5NH4)-PO3}2]8- (9) demonstrate that the exact position of the nitrogen atom in the pyridine ring influences the orientation of the. In Chapter 5 the non-fluorinated heteropolymolybdate(V) [{MoV2O4}6(OH)6{O3P-CH(CH2NH2-C3H5)-PO3}6]12- (10) and the fluorinated heteropolymolybdate(V) [{MoV2O4}6(OH)6{O3P-CH(CH2NH2CH2CF3)-PO3}6]12- (11) are discussed.

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Author:Abhishek Banerjee
Referee:Ulrich Kortz, Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler, Pierre Mialane, Thomas Heine, Bassem Bassil
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