Performance of a Stirred Catalytic Basket Reactor for the production of Bio-ethanol

  • Current environmental and health problems are sourced from the usage of fossil fuel. This issue has encouraged the scientific community to find environmentally friendly alternatives, such as biofuel Ethanol. The Stirrer Catalytic Basket Reactor (SCBR) presents some of the advantages of a Packed bed reactor (PBR). From all the results, our two hypotheses were evaluated: 1). DEAE sponges are better than Alginate beads. 2). SCBR performs better than PBR. In the case of the first hypothesis, from results, it has been observed that even at 200 rpm with a 100 g/l glucose concentration, the sponges consume glucose in 9 h, while alginate beads and free cells consume it in 19 h and 20 h, respectively. Alginate beads take a longer time to consume than polymers. At a higher glucose concentration of 200 g/l, the volumetric productivity of polymer was higher as compare to alginate beads. These polymers are presumed as the best immobilizing materials than alginate beads with higher ethanol productivity and lower glucose consumption time. This might be due to a lower difference in concentration between bulk and inside polymer and lower film diffusion barrier in sponges. The second hypothesis is also proved correct as in SCBR complete conversion of 200g/l glucose, has been observed in a short time (5h) as compare to Packed Bed. In SCBR, no lag phase was observed. It is depicted that sponges have no external or internal mass transfer limitations or due to macro-pores fluid flow is improved therefore there is no difference in consumption time at a higher speed. SCBR provides an efficient radial & axial mixing system. The SCBR with cell immobilized in sponges is more attractive and economical, especially on an industrial scale.

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Author:Amir Hussain
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